How could this possibly be any hotter?

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Listen, I only had time for one post today and it would be unfair NOT to include each of these two beautimous babes. Audrina Partridge and Neri..Nare….the chick who was banging Cristiano Ronaldo a few months back; we’ll call her Sally for simplicity’s sake. Anyways, Audrina and Sally’s rocking tits have been a constant source of inspiration in my life. Kind of like Adrian was to Rocky, or rocks are to a crack-head. And in my darkest hour when I question the very meaning of life a beam of white light bursts out of the blackness. All I can make out though the blinding glow are these two sets of heavenly tits. And suddenly my purpose in life becomes very clear–I must run for president.

Vote ‘The Bitch’ in 2020. If you like atomic breasts then I am your man.

BTW–Sally’s real name is Nereida Gallardo, just in case you need her help.