P-Diddy needs a waaaaa-mbulance

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Darby Gunpowder:
P. Diddy celebrated his 39th birthday and Barack Obama’s presidential victory at Mansion night club in New York Tuesday night. The night turned into a prissy little sweet 16 party when Diddy flipped out over the decor and cried like a little bitch. Page Six reports:

“He was given a budget of $7,000 and 12 hours to create an all-white d├ęcor, including 1,000 white roses, blow-ups of Diddy and Barack Obama, and $2,000 of white fabric,” our spy said. “Diddy declared it dreadful and went into a major hissy fit, screaming, ‘Show me the receipts!’ and ‘Get the money back!’ to his assistant. Then he began ripping the fabric off the walls saying he hated it. He berated the poor young decorator to the point that the guy gave back $2,000 of the money he had spent.”

I can only hope he drowns in his own river of tears.