Petra Nemcova is breaking my heart

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Petra Nemcova is dating Sean Penn. The lovebirds took their romance public at the Oscar after-parties last night. Petra was spotted kissing on Sean while Sean kept an eye out for hookers he might like to pay for sex.
This is like the time your father brings home the hot girl who graduated with you in high school. The one you always wanted. Once the shock wears off, only a homicidal rage remains, ya’ know?

Behold: Supermodel Nemcova has new lingerie line.

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Just in time for Valentines Day, Petra Nemcova poses for La Senza’s new underwear line. Even I am amazed. The Derobers granted John 3 wishes for this post:
I wish I was invisible for a day.
I wish Petra liked men with lisps.
I wish Valentine’s Day was renamed ‘John has sex with Petra Nemcova and gets rid of his lisp Day.’

Just in time for V-Day, here are some great celebrity pickup lines.

Derober takes a page from Webster’s Dictionary

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All hail Petra Nemcova!!!

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