Out with the old, in with the new for Lohan

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So the recent buzz, coming from our friends down under, is that Lindsay Lohan has reportedly traded in her K-Fed like boytoy Ryan Giles for a brand new Heath Ledger, who she recently met in New York. L-han and Ledger reportedly met at NYC’s Beatrice Inn over the Thanksgiving holiday and according to NW magazine,

“Lindsay and Heath hit it off straight away…when she left the club she started texting him straight away and they hooked up a few times while she was still in New York. They were meeting late at night for sex. It was purely physical.”

Well good for Lindsay, this is a huge upgrade for her.

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
I’d say ‘upgrade’ is a bit of an understatement, Dee. This isn’t like updating your computer’s software to the newer model, it’s more like trading in your hyundai for a Ferrari. It’s going from white trash to white hot. But maybe L-han just wanted to show the public that she was on their level by dating an r-tard from nowhere. If so, mission accomplished Lindsay, you really gave depraved young men everywhere a hope.

Lindsay Lohan and boyfriend go PDA.

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Photo courtesy of wwtdd.com

I’m looking at this and the only thing I think is, “Who was taking these photos?” Did they grab a friend and ask her to take some “real low quality, gritty shit.” This is the kind of white trash behavior I’d expect to see at a Six Flags theme park, not Santa Monica. Frankly, they both look like they could use some vitamin C.

Yes, this is disgusting. It looks like it’s difficult for these two to even stand up for long periods of time. As I watch these two conspire about how their going to score some coke, I wonder how long it will be until these two implode like a dying star?
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Where have I seen this before…?

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Photo courtesy of intouchweekly.hollywood.com

John says:
Oh yeah, that’s right, K-fing-Fed. I said it before, Lindsey Lohan is just a few steps away from taking Britney’s coveted ‘I’m subconsciously trying to date my dad’ award. And she’s wisely following all of Britney’s guidelines on how to do it: step 1–get white trash boyfriend–check; step 2–take all the drugs you can find–check; step 3–gain a healthy 50 pounds…ahh, still gotta work on that one Lohan. And according to OK! magazine, Lindsay Lohan is now engaged to new boyfriend, Ryan Giles, the snowboarding, ass-clown that’s been arrested numerous times already. And did I mention that she met him in REHAB? Are you kidding, is this an ‘I’m angry at my parents’ phase that Lohan is trying to get outta her system or is she just plain retarded? As you can see, I went with the latter conclusion.

Leo says:
She may be mildly retarded, but let’s not forget how unreasonably hot she is. This trumps all.