Anybody getting the gay vibe from Sean Penn?

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Sean Penn’s co-star in the biopic Milk, James Franco, basically just opened the closet door wide open for Penn. Franco describes how in the film their initially was supposed to be a brief kiss between Penn (playing gay activist Harvey Milk) and Franco’s characters. It seems Penn had other ideas in mind. According to page six:

“In the original script I read, there was only one real kissing scene,” Franco tells next month’s Elle. “A month after [director] Gus [Van Sant] asked me to do it, they sent me another script, and on Page 5 there was a full-on love scene. And I was like, ‘Gus, what the heck?’ He says, ‘Well, it was Sean’s idea.’ “

And why am I not surprised. You know I understand an actors’ desire to truly get into a character. But there’s good old fashioned acting and then there’s Sean Penn. A man clutching at any excuse to make love to other men both on and off set. I mean c’mon, he married Madonna. That sounds about as legit as a Vanilla Ice hit. Go ninja, go ninja, go ninja, GO!

Jenny always went for the a-holes. Penn’s call off divorce

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Robin Wright and Sean Penn recently asked a judge to dismiss their divorce and the judge granted it. The two were spotted at an Eddie Vedder concert last night. Sean got up on stage and dedicated a song to his rekindled flame. We’re not sure what the song was but we have a few guesses.
NookieLimp Bizkit
Just one of my hoes334 Mobb
F*** her GentlyTenacious D
Hoe’s in my roomLudacris
Sorry about screwing all those hookers. My badDerober’s original score

Petra Nemcova is breaking my heart

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Petra Nemcova is dating Sean Penn. The lovebirds took their romance public at the Oscar after-parties last night. Petra was spotted kissing on Sean while Sean kept an eye out for hookers he might like to pay for sex.
This is like the time your father brings home the hot girl who graduated with you in high school. The one you always wanted. Once the shock wears off, only a homicidal rage remains, ya’ know?

Robin Wright wants to fly far, far far away, from Sean Penn

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~What came between them?~

Hookers! Robin Wright (aka Jenny) and hubby of 11 years Sean Penn (aka psycho) are getting a divorce and I’m surprised very few people are citing Penn’s love of the working girl. Penn has been quoted as saying, “”If you want entertainment, you get a couple of hookers and an eightball.” As recently as Oct. 20th, Penn was seen at the Chateau Marmont and hunting down some game. Read all about the encounter here.”
Bob ‘The Bitch’:
I can’t get enough of Forest Gump with a glock in his hands. He really is the Casanova of today’s generation. Tall, clean-cut, and retarded…but with a heart that could melt butter. Who wouldn’t love him??