Shauna Sand is one classy babe

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Bob ‘The Bitch’
Well I’ve been fiending for some gratuitous nippage action and lets just consider my wants to be the gospel in this crazy, crazy world. You know I couldn’t tell you a single fact back about Shauna Sand other than that she was formerly Lorenzo Lama’s wife and that she has a rack the could plug the hoover dam and nourish all the children in Rowanda at the same time. Pretty sure they have their own self-contained ecosystem. And though those jugs are about as authentic as Hilary Clinton’s smile I still would go 10 rounds with the mammoths and leave room for desert.

I think your daughter gets the hint, Shauna Sand.

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I had to Wikipedia this slut just to find out Shauna Sand was the Playmate of the month in 1996 and once did an episode of Charmed. She went on to marry Lorenzo Lamas and then divorce him. After more Wiki-searching I found out that Lorenzo Lamas made a guest starring appearance on Falcon Crest in 1988. What’s the point of all this you ask?
The point is if you’ve ever been on the TV at any point in your life and you have a body like that you get to be on Derober whenever you want. Those are the rules I just made up and they are not subject to change anytime soon.

Oh, and here is Shauna naked a whole bunch. Don’t say I never did anything for ya’. Bam!