The new Robinhood bows to no man, woman or diet…

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Bob ‘The Bitch’
This is too funny. Apparently after gaining WEIGHT for his role in the film Body of Lies Russell Crowe has decided he doesn’t want to shed it. No big deal, right. Problem is that he’s supposed to play Robinhood in the upcoming blockbuster film Nottingham directed by Ridley Scott. You may remember that Scott also directed another little film with Russell called Gladiator, in which Crowe played a thin man. To make matters worse Crowe is so fat that he managed to get Sienna Miller fired from the supporting role of Maid Marian because she looked too NOT FAT standing next to Crowe. Haha, F#$k you Jenny Craig. I can’t wait to see Robinhood whorfing down a giant chicken leg in front of numerous poor people. Because lets face it, Robinhood don’t givva shit about your tired and your hungry. Get a job!!

Sienna Miller gets CGI ‘down there’. 60’s bush not angry enough

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These photos of Sienna Miller on the set of the late 60’s era Hippie Hippie Shake were leaked months ago but we have some fresh info to share which gives us an excuse to repost them. According to a studio exec, Sienna’s kitty was a little to trim for the Hippie flick,

“The film is set in the swinging 60s when fashion was wild and body hair even wilder,”

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that in the 60’s a ‘landing strip’ was a place where you put planes. My how times have changed. I prefer the bald eagle to the beaver but that’s just me and I’m pretty much a badass.

Hey you, get your damn hands off her

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Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty are in Italy right now getting all gross on the beach. Noticeably absent from this photo is Balthazar’s wife and kids. When finally reached for comment Balky’s wife Rosetta denied the reports,

That’s not possible. Balthazar is tracking a Yeti in the Himalaya’s and doesn’t get cell service there so I’m not supposed to call. Oh, you have pictures? In that case, let me get my Beretta.

I might have stretched that last part a bit. Rosetta actually did comment and said she was “humiliated” but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it as a man tracking Bigfoot does.

Sienna Miller goes to Mexico with douche bag

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Sienna Miller and her fug boyfriend, actor Rhys Ifans, are on vacation in Mexico. I tagged along disguised as a wrist watch until my cover was blown by Fuggie McFuggerson. There’s a photo below of Fug and Miller which probably just caught them from a bad angle…a really bad, dirty, sexy angle. Touche, Fug. Touche.

Who wore it best?

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Sienna Miller, famous for making cool movies vs. Jemima Khan, famous for being Hugh Grant’s girlfriend. The designer, Chanel. The victor? You decide.

I’m going with Sienna on this one. Yes, the dress is chic. But my reason is even better: In a recent interview, Sienna said, “I don’t know, monogamy is a weird thing for me. It’s an overrated virtue, because, let’s face it, we’re f-cking animals.” Sienna is really just a very sexy man. Wait. OK, I’m not voting for Sienna anymore.