Sophie Howard and Lucy Pinder: Judgment Day

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
You know I hate to beat a dead horse on how spectacular Lucy Pinder and Sophie Howard’s breasts are, but damn. However, if you’re going to stick your dick in the mash potatoes why not dip your nuts in a side of gravy? That’s my philosophy. And it has served me well in life.

Let Lucy Pinder and Sophie Howard’s tits be my final resting place

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Bob ‘The Bitch’
I once asked my Great Grand Pappy Winston (God rest his soul) why he thought a great pair of tits were better than all seven of the wonders of the world. He looked down at me with a dry grimace, moonshine trickling out of his mouth, and in a low crackly voice he explained, “because a great pair of tits is the only treasure that you never get tired of seeing, boy.”

It’s a sound point. Boobs are like the gateway to my childhood. The only thing that can bring me the same sense of euphoria I felt as a kid when I planted bottle rockets in fishes’ mouths and watched them explode all the while toting a tall bowl of cotton candy by my side; heaven I tell you. That’s what Lucy Pinder and Sophie Howard’s juggs are to me, a slice of my youth. But that’s just one man’s opinion. Anyways, these British babes are posing for the pages of Nuts Magazine and I am now sold on the country.

Random Important Addition:
The 50 Hottest Chicks (barely) dressed as Wonder Woman has arrived here!

How does Sophie Howard keep those fun bags in working order??

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
In case you looked at this picture and then the title and said to yourself, “who is this, and how do I gain access to those cannon balls?” You may have used a slight variation for term ‘breast’ and that is OK, it’s what makes this country great. Freedom of speech. You say tit, I say tot; you say fun bags, I say hose hounds. But I digress. Sophie Howard’s jugs could nurse an army of genetically enhanced baby soldiers while taking first place at the Jugs-R-Us pageant in Waco Texas. In this picture Sophie is posing for the Nuts Football Awards (which apparently is not a made up event). I for one say that no matter what category is the winner should always be, “Sophie Howard’s WHAMMY tanks”. But that’s just one man’s opinion.

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