Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag coming out with video game

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It’s official Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are from Neptune. The couple is releasing a video game starring themselves. Hopefully the game is called, “Kill Heidi and Spencer and get points and win”

Here’s what Spencer told US Weekly,

“We’re definitely developing the Heidi and Spencer video game,” Pratt told Usmagazine.com last week at video game giant Electronic Arts’ Burnout Paradise pre-Valentine’s Day lounge in L.A. “It’s top secret. Let’s just say that everyone will be addicted. You can definitely play as us or you can play against us,” Pratt said. “You can even torture me.”

He said “there’s going to be two versions: the adult version and the one for minors,” adding, “just be ready, that’s all I have to say.”

Expect the game to hit shelves in 2009, Pratt said, “right around Christmastime, probably.”

God help us all.

Spencer Pratt goes to school, hands out $20,000

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The Charlotte Observer is reporting that ‘The Hills’ star visited Kings Mountain last Thursday and Friday with friend and Kings Mountain native Ron Feemster aka Neff-U:

“Feemster, with Pratt by his side, started handing out cash to students. One student who had the highest GPA in the school got $1,000. Three others got $1,000 each when they won a raffle. Other students got $100 traveler’s checks. Then left $10,000 for the school.”

In all, $20,000 was given away. No press was contacted by either camp before the two went on their charity bender. Spencer and Neff, we commend U.

Heidi, Spencer, and the doomed wedding.

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The “wedding” between Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt has been called off according to US Weekly. The two are claiming to still be a couple but the wedding plans are off.

Grim Reaper:
When the producers of ‘The Hills‘ asked me to be on the show, I was so excited. Huge fan. I asked ’em, “Now, do you want me to kill Spencer and Heidi, or should I just kill the marriage?” I only wanted to know because killing Spencer would be right up there with the time I whacked Napoleon, the little prick. But I was happy to just kill the marriage and get my SAG card.

Milwaukee’s Best strikes again

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Photo courtesy of www.thesuperficial.com

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt celebrated her birthday at some shittious club ALONE. By themselves. No friends were seen in any of the photos. Paparazzi wasn’t even there. These photos were taken by a 10 second timer on Spencer’s digital camera that he placed on a cocktail table. The camera was subsequently stolen by someone who thought there may be some disgusting post-surgery Heidi photos on it. To his dismay there were only photos of Spencer flexing.