Star Maps: Jessica Simpson’s Nashville home address

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27 Northumberland Nashville, TN 37215
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Owner: Jessica Simpson
Year Built: 1987
Purchase Price: $3,500,000
Rooms: 19
Square Feet: 10,925
Lot: 2.01 acres
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 10
Amenities: Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Home theater

It’s rumored that tig-ol-bitty herself is swapping her acting career for a country music career and moving to Tennessee.
Derober would like to report Jessica Simpson has good taste by purchasing this plush southern mansion, but when you spend $3.5 million dollars in Tennessee, you’re not getting a double-wide decorated by Flava-Flav. It’s science.
We’ll keep you updated on Simpson’s career move, but our Magic Eight Ball just told us “Outlook Not So Good.” Waahhh, waahhh.

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Star Maps: John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s Home Address

8720 NE 16th Ter Anthony, Florida 32617

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John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s Florida Home
Square Feet: 8,674
Bedrooms: 14
Bathrooms: 18
Boeing 707 Jet parking spaces: 1
Gulftreem Jet parking spaces: 1 (grocery getter)
Runways: 1 (1.4 miles long)
Thetans: 0

Star Maps: Christina Aguilera & Jason Bratman home address

513 Doheny Road, Beverly Hills, CA
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Christina Aguilera along with new baby Max Liron, and hubby Jordan Bratman recently moved into the infamous Osbourne homestead. Tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, it’s the perfect home to raise a family in peace and quite . No one knows where this house is, nor has anyone ever seen the interior of the house. When I think of privacy, I think of the Osbourne’s house.

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

Purchase Price: $11,500,100
Year Built:
Square Feet:
Yearly Property Tax:
Hexes put on house: 48

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Star Maps: Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch – Foreclosed!!!

5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd Los Olivos, CA 93441

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It’s a sad day, Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch is no more. The ex-pop-star is past-due on his $23 MILLION dollar mortgage and the bank is auctioning off the entire ranch AND everything inside to recoup losses. Not that it’s worth a good-god-damn -check out the photos below to see how abandoned the “molestival” is. We can only hope his pet monkey, Bubbles finds a nice new home to throw shit in.

UPDATE:  Jacko gets to keep his creepy compound –Click Here to read full story.

2 night photos of Neverland ranch provided by Jonathan Haeber. Thanks Jon.

Star Maps: Justin Timberlake’s home address


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Owner: Justin Timberlake
Previous Owners: Helen Hunt (never moved in), Errol Flynn
Year Built: 2000
Purchase Price: $8,300,000
Square Feet: 13,530
Bathrooms: 10
Yearly Property Tax: $96,183.91

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