Star Maps: Playboy Mansion address

10236 Charing Cross Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90024
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Playboy Mansion
Year Built:
Current Value:
Square Feet:
Sins Committed:
14,345,756. (and counting)
Yearly Property Tax:
$60,310For the 99.9% of the world who will never visit the Playboy mansion, Derober would like to at least give you the address and driving directions to the holy of holies….just in case you feel like sneaking into Hef’s next party, here’s directions to the Playboy Mansion.

Most photographs of the Playboy Mansion are courtesy of badass photographer, Adam Latham, who promised to bring the Derobers the next time he visits Hef 😉 Visit his site -or else!

Q. Where does Paris Hilton live?

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Owner: Paris Hilton
Price: $5,664,000
Location: 3340 Clerendon Road, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Size: 7,493 square feet
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 5.5
Empty Souls: 1 + guest

Poor Paris was forced to move into this retarded Beverly hills mansion because she had no privacy at her West Hollywood pad.
For some reason Derober feels obligated to reveal her new home address -oh and how to get there.

View interior photos of Paris’s mansion after the jump Continue Reading: Q. Where does Paris Hilton live?

Star Maps: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Beverly Hills House

1111 Calle Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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Tom Cruise and his half-human wife, Katie Holmes plan on moving back into their newly decorated Beverly Hills Mansion March 1st.
They have been holed up in a luxury apartment in Hollywood Scientology Celebrity Center -sounds lovely.

Purchase Price: $35 Million
Year Built: 1937
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 10
Square Feet: 13,000
Land: 1.3 Acres
Extras: underground UFO parking (handicap only)


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The Derobers go to Britney Spears’ House

When Britney’s away, the Derobers will play. The Derobers, famous for the Trump Tip Hoax, have struck again. Each day, 30,000 people type the phrase “Where does Britney Spears live?” into Google. And there is no answer to be found. The Derobers have found Britney’s pad and we give you an exclusive look at our adventure which includes how we duped the guards at the gate, directions to her house, and tons of laughs. Here at Derober, failure is not an option when it comes to our pranks, especially when the Presidency is on the line. Rehabilitate ’08!

Before you enter, remember the password is Blue Lollipop!
Side Note: No, The Derobers did not break in to Brit’s house on Friday -that was probably Sam Lufti.

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The whole world has been following the Britney Spears’ Shit Show unfold hourly on the web and TV. There have been countless videos and stories highlighting paparazzi hookups, mental breakdowns, custody battles -it’s a three-f@*#king-ring circus! And most of the “action” has gone down at Britney’s Beverly Hills abode. The only thing the public knows about her home is that it is behind a gate in an eff-off community called Summit Circle. The Derobers did some digging and are proud to show the world where Brit’s kids are not allowed to play:

Britney Spears’ Beverly Hills Home Address:
12094 Summit Cir, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California 90210, USA

Click Here for Directions to Brit’s house

Asylum Stats:
Cost: $7,495,000
Year Built: 2001
Square Feet: 7,453
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 6
Yearly Property Tax: $34,761
Little known fact: Britney bought the house fully furnished, including all artwork, books, knick-knacks, sex toys, beds, etc. House did not come with live-in shrink, unfortunately.


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