Steve-O Love-O Coke-O

Homeboy has officially spun off the planet. What’s that in his nose?

The video was supposedly uploaded on youtube by Steve-O (or somebody pretending to be him) yesterday.

Steve-O challenges K-Fed to rap battle

~Roll mouse over photo to derobe~

This just in from the wordsmiths at Agent Bedhead, Steve-O is challenging K-Fed to a duel. The battle of hyphenated names has begun.
K-Fed whose upcoming album, Hard as a Rock is – wait. His new album is called Hard as a Rock? Holy shit I just googled Hard as a Rock and the internet confirmed it (and also thinks I need Viagra. I do.)
Steve-O claims the battle will be, “Just like that scene from 8 mile.” Steve-O is notorious for being wrong about lots of things. But if we had to pick a winner…