Taking the trash out never looked so good

~ Roll mouse over photo to Derobe ~

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Traci Bingham may be a no talent hack but damn does she have a tit train that just won’t quit. I’ve never seen such a rudimentary chore like taking out the trash look so sexy. I mean what’s next, models that take ordinary tasks like brushing their teeth and doing the laundry and making them look as sexy as possible?…Wait…..wait a second…I smell a sitcom. Did I seriously just create NBC’s next reality TV hit show? Damn if I didn’t. But what to call such a monster hit? Here are a short list of titles off the top of my head:
-Whores and chores
-Sexy reality
-A day in the life of my wife
-Sex and the titty
-Work blows and so does she
-Sex, lies, and grocery lists
-Take out the paper and the ass
-Model This
-Strippers off the clock
-Tit-train with biscuit wheels does the news
–Is it Sunday yet?

If you have anymore suggestions, by all means keep them to yourself.