Travis Barker’s Ex is one classy bitch

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
I don’t know what’s more offensive to me, the fact that Travis Barker’s shovel ex is making out with another man while he lies in critical condition after a PLANE CRASH, or the fact that Gerard Butler would make out with such an ugly sea-cow like Shanna Moakler. I mean look at her. Shanna looks like Britney spears’ VMA clone if she were fed lard intravenously through a tube for the duration of about 6-8 months. People put bumper stickers of Shanna up that ask you to save her. Anyways, in addition to being a whale proportioned heffer Shanna has a funny way of showing support for her nearly deceased ex. I mean can you imagine what the doc had to tell Travis when Travis asked, “Is my wife going to visit me soon?” I imagine the doc just stood there stammering for a while and then managed to utter, “Shanna…ahhh…, the bitch ain’t coming. Sorry. Now lets take a look at those 3rd degree burns covering nearly half of your body. You know, the ones your received after you survived that nearly fatal PLANE CRASH.”
And that was that. And as for Gerard, WTF man, you were in 300. You can bang whoever you want, so why screw that pile of backstabbing lard with the hole in it? I mean really? Having sex with a dollar doughnut would be more dignified.

God, am I ranting…? Almost feels like…I guess….nahhh. The whore had it coming.