Gay Mortal Combat, babes, exercise balls, more juice please…

Gay Mortal combat video and MUCH MORE (doubleviking)
Porn film shot on kids playground (asylum)
Valarie, the girl I always wanted (and still want) to do (bustedcoverage)
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Brad Pitt and George Clooney stop by our neighborhood in Venice (celebwarship)
Kid gets poned by exercise ball-HYSTERICAL (donchavez)
Elsa in bikini is worth click for sure (on205th)

Diddy is a victim of big oil

Diddly pleads with his “Saudi Arabian Brothers” to lower gas prices because he “needs oil for his jet.” The only way this could be more pathetic is if Diddy was in a wheelchair holding a Rwandan baby while they are attacked by a bear. Just sayin’

Foreign babes, sexy ads, 6 foot vertical jump, more juice please…

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Tila Tequila’s girlfriend gets touchy with other babe (celebwarship)
Mid afternoon babes, why not (donchavez)
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The big boobed gymnist famous for more just ruining our chances at gold

Her name is Alicia Sacramone, and she is my future wife (#4). It’s ok, Alicia, I forgive you. Now go and make this up to me by posing for Playboy.

Paris Hilton responds to McCain attack, More Juice Please…

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