If an asshole was in charge of making Super Mario World

Asshole Mario stage 1

For Asshole stages 2 and 3…
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How do we put this delicately, Hayden

Everybody, feast your eyes on Hayden Panettiere’s music career with a lil’ diddy entitled ‘Wake Up Call.’ This song could restore the polar ice caps.

12 80s movies that rock, Jessica Simpson juggs, Paris baby, wipe out vids, more juice please…

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12 80’s movies that are perfect (doubleviking)
Don’t drink and invent (asylum)
Jessica Simpson has tits of glory, really (on205th)
Victoria Beckham rocks Allure magazine (Pink)
Beautiful Indiana girl proves not everything about my state sucks (bustedcoverage)
Drunk girls do jello shots off belly…yep (loserswithsocks)
Hilarious biker wheelie wipe-out video (donchavez)
Paris ready to give birth out of spite (celebwarship)
Biker eats it on road sign video. AWESOME (yepyepgibbs)

No matter the situation, Jessica is always polite

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Bob ‘The Bitch’:
Oh the memories Jess and I have shared on the banks of Lake Tahoe. Whether I’m flashing the locals, rocking out a deuce over the railing of my boat or just challenging sharks to a sporting contest of murder, Jessica Simpson never fails to wave politely. We’re like this. Ever since I cured her of the measles (on her vagina ;)) she has always made time for me. And you know what Jess, I will always make time for you.

Fight clubs celebrity style, winehouse being winehouse, faceplant, more juice please…

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C’mon, I’m from Indiana. You had to see this one coming.

Fight club: Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manning (doubleviking)
Fight Club: Competitive eaters vs. pamplona runners (asylum)
Amy Winehouse tries to DJ stoned..I think (pink)
USC track star + Beer Pong (bustedcoverage)
Ladies ass up, say no more (loserswithsocks)
Friends call boy’s mom after massive face plant, hysterical (donchavez)
Winehouse boobs ducktaped. Who’s the asshole who thought this was a good idea (celebwarship)
Pissed off Winnebago salesman (yepyepgibbs)
Jaimie Lynn Spears’ reproduction rap–(on205th)