When Jedi’s drink at parties, Pole Dancing Olympics, Underboob Ban, More Juice Please…

This is the fourth time in as many weeks…

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Jersey Girls on the beach. And by Jersey Girls I mean hookers (MacG)
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Pole dancing should be an Olympic sport (DonChavez)
Jessica Simpson has boobs (Warship)

Is this Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister? A side-by-side comparison

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New photos of Lindsay’s possible half-sister have surfaced. The NY Daily News reports,

Photos of the 13-year-old cutie who could be Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister have finally been released. And the resemblance is striking. From her freckles to her smile, Ashley Kaufmann certainly looks like she could be a member of the Lohan family. Michael Lohan has revealed he took a DNA test to find out whether he is the father of the Montana teen.

Derober would like to take a break from reporting on pressing global issues to address this matter. If you want to find out once and for all if this girl is Michael’s bastard, just take a bottle of Bacardi 151 and wave it under Ashley’s nose. If Ashley tries to eat the bottle then she’s a Lohan. There, I just saved Michael like $75.

Look-alikes, college mascots and celebrities

Did you ever look at a mascot and wonder what they might look like in real life? Derober has the answers. For the answers just roll your mouse over the photo and enjoy.

Editor’s Note: This is not where the celebrities attended college as most of them featured do not and have the education of a 2nd grader in a third world country…

Butch T. Cougar, Washington State

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Sparty the Spartan, Michigan State

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Hairy Dawg, University of Georgia

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Purdue Pete

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Lil’ Red, University of Nebraska (New mascot)

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Banned Ford Sportka Commercial

Derober would like to take a break from celebrity dress diving to present a great Ford commercial.

Hottest Muppets (for a reason), Swayze’s Bracelet, Kelly “Yum-Yum Brooks”, More juice please…

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