Who needs a movie!?


A reason to not hate France for 3:25

TTC Travailler Orgasmic Remix

Gary Busey is an asshole…to an 11 year-old.

At this point, it’s widely acknowledged that Gary Busey was really, really drunk at the Academy Awards. In this video, he is interviewed by an 11 year old and did everything except take her ball away and ground her for a month. Clown Shoes.

This YouTube video led to cops suspension – wow

I can’t stop laughing at this video!!!! This cop must have caught his wife cheating on him with a mule to be this pissed at life. Or he finally snapped because he has to wear that hideous uniform and drive around in a clown car all day.

Update: Officer Salvatore Rivieri was suspended after this video caught on fire on YouTube.

Update #2: Officer Salvatore’s home address is:

4 Delight Ave
Nottingham, MD 21236

Celebrities Suck

Good work James.  Thanks Courtney! (and Kara…i guess)