He smokes weed every day of his life

Nick Swardson is the funniest guy on the planet

Will Ferrell back on SNL

Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy, Hotties In Da’ Wild, Vacuum Sex, More Juice Please…

9 Awesome places to have sex (I-Am-Bored)
It’s real girls, not celebrities, just smokin’ hot (DoubleViking)
Man gets arrested for having sex with a vacuum (Asylum)
Formula-1 Hottest Exposed (AngryT)
Sarah Michelle Gellar tries for sexy, just looks like used hooker (Celebridiot)
Nick Hogan gets released from jail, and he looks like shit (Warship)
10 Keg Stands with hot chicks. A must-see (Uncoached)
Giselle topless, ’nuff said (DonChavez)
Holly Madison at Chikipedia party is not ugly (BustedCoverage)
I can see Aniston’s nipples here. Can U? (BedHead)
Now Aniston is in a thong. See how that works? (NipSlipBlog)
OK, one more Aniston…Is she pregnant? (Stab)

First minute of ‘Who’s Nailin’ Palin’ (SFW)

Russian Soldiers, Fake explosions, they kept it porn-real and I love it.

In case you missed it, Palin on SNL

In completely unrelated news, in case you missed Tara Reid’s mysterious body in a bikini, Click Here.
And check out the thumbs below..at your own risk.