So, you can’t dance.

Dead Snakes, Dead Hookers, Leaky Wolverines, More Juice Please…

New Wolverine film footage leaked (DoubleViking)
Hottest weather girl in the world (Asylum)
OK, so the hooker isn’t dead but she got a reality show (Gibbs)
Kim Kardashian lets her boobs hang out for McDonalds? (DirtyRotten)
Former USC cheerleader holding a penis beer (BustedCoverage)
Some hot girl in her underwear. Yeah, you like it (BrightBlack)
The sexiest Soprano yet (HottestMySpace)
Why it’s good to have a female roommate (DonChavez)
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner do not look happy (Warship)
That girl who used to date Renaldo is topless again (On205th)
I found this new site. It’s well done. Cameron Diaz gets retouched (Game)

Because this is STILL funny.

Ferrel & Reilly’s ESPY Demands…Hi Larry Us

in case you missed it -you may poop your pants laughing, so be careful…

Tina Turner is full of shit…we DO need another hero

Where the hell is Matt?

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