Christina Aguilera’s baby is not starving to death.

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Christina Aguilera appeared in public for the first time and brought along her massive mammaries for a CD signing at Best Buy.
She also mentioned that she has been brainstorming throughout her pregnancy for her new album which she says,

“This next album will have a whole new me. A different me.”

We beleive you X-tina. Any album will be new to the Derobers because we don’t any of your old ones. Sorry.

More to Paulina Rubio than meets the eye

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It’s pics like these that make me sad I work for a celebrity gossip website. Poor Paulina Rubio, in America photographers feast on the upskirt shot. At least you wore underwear (always a good decision when you are famous) but next time maybe go with a longer skirt.

Bob ‘The Bitch’:
So this is how celebrity divas dress for concerts in Madrid. Well…looks like I know where I’m taking my next vacation.
PS–Seeing Waldo up your hoo-haa, though preverted, makes me laugh uncontrollably.
PSS- Cute rainbow colored undies Paulina.

Halle Berry has huge earings

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Halle Boobie Berry and her baby-to-be arrived safely in London for the premiere of her new movie, ‘Things We Lost in the Fire’. The much anticipated sequel to last year’s, ‘Things We Lost in my Boobs.’ The Derober’s are just glad that her luggage made it to London safely too. If she was trying to take attention off of her anti-semetic slur on the Tonight Show last week -it worked.