Ellen Pompeo’s New Diet


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Photo courtesy of enews.com

At the 2007 Emmies, Ellen Pompeo displayed her secret to keeping such a slender figure–she conjures lightning bolts straight into her ass. She looks creepy though. I mean have you seen that hair? It’s like a cross between Beethoven, Amadeus, and Marve from the ‘Home Alone’ series. Just awkward.

What will rehab do to Lilo?

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John Says:
I think Rehab will work. This place in Utah, The Cirque Lodge, doesn’t fuck about. It’s serious business up there. Hopefully, she sets her mind right and gets the help she needs.

Leo Says:
Help, the only thing she’s going to help herself to is a bunch more drugs. I like to think of Lindsay sneaking in paraphernalia and chugging Listerine; things homeless people do. Anyway, this picture freaks me out.

Bob ‘The Bitch’ says:
I think Lohan should quit this pointless rehab, quit crying, and force herself to stop all this drug nonsense.

John says:
Nobody cares what you think Bob.

Keira’s blind date at the Venice Film Fest

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Photo courtesy of www.popoholic.com

An uber-thin Keira Knightley goes match.com slumming at the Venice Film Festival.
When derober asked how her night was going she said,

“Who are you? And why is it so cold in the middle of August. I’m fucking freezing.”

Sources say it was really warm out that night.